Prometheus Science wins 1st place in Medical Technology Startup Accelerator!

We did it! We're growing, and we want you to be a part of our community.

Watch our pitch here:

Prometheus Science holds a workshop at AoN Brainhack Warsaw!

We had a very successful and fun weekend at AoN Brainhack Warsaw. We co-wrote a grant and secured funding thanks to the international brain research organization; resulting in us providing materials for 10 participants in our workshop free of charge! This means, we spent a packed weekend soldering, building, and tinkering.

By the end of the workshop, our participants each had a fully function FlyPi! We're excited to hear what they do with them in the near future.

FlyPi gets published in PLOS Biology!

As of November 24th 2017, we're up to 27000 views! Thank you for all the support! 

Read our initial publication here:

Prometheus Science gets featured by BBC!

We're excited to announce we were recently featured in BBC Brasil in a piece about open source and "hacking" science!

FlyPi gets featured in Medizin Aspekte!

FlyPi gets featured in LaborJournal Online!

FlyPi gets featured in Maker Faire Zurich!

FlyPi gets featured from the University of Tübingen!

FlyPi gets featured in PLOS!

FlyPi gets featured in Open Electronics!

FlyPi gets featured by Hackaday!

FlyPi gets featured from Julio della Flora!

FlyPi gets featured in Hardware Libre!

FlyPi gets featured by MTI Tecnologia!