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Prometheus Science

Open Science & Open Source Hardware Consultancy



As an active member of the Open Science community over the last 10 years, I’ve taken special interest in open science hardware, as I believe they are one of the last barriers to make research and education truly open.

(more information on my personal website)

Prometheus Science Goals

I’ve been developing tools and organizing workshops to teach others to do the same, the goal of Prometheus Science is to offer these skills as a service for a wider community, that sees the benefits of open source tools, but either doesn’t have the time to learn the necessary skills to implement them, or would like to receive tailored training in order to be able to develop open source tools in the future.

Giving back

Pledge to the Open Source community

Part of the profits from the services provided by Prometheus Science will be reverted back to the original developers of the open tools replicated in the form of a donation. I believe this is an important way to support the community, as it recognizes previous work and gives an incentive for developers to keep improving their current tools.

Whenever Prometheus Science services are provided using only things developed internally, part of the profits will be donated to an NGO of choice.

If you have questions or suggestions to this pledge, please get in touch using the form below!

Partners & Collaborators

Pro Bono work

Get in touch

Looking forward to share knowledge and expertise to make research and education more accessible!
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